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DescriptionKavisha Pharma S.L  is a spanish company  with a great international projection, which aims to provide solutions to various social needs, with innovative products for the pharmaceutical industry and specifically in the health sector, expanding your workspace around the world through the five continents.
Kavisha Pharma aims are research, develop and market new products or services that are innovative, in order to provide solutions to new or improved products, processes and services available. The company is certified with the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, meeting all the requirements of the European regulations. 
Kavisha Pharma S.L. devotes to design, manufacture and commercialize medical devices. We also manufacture and distribute dietary food for special medical purpose. 
The products are a saliva ovulation test  that is reusable during 3 years to help women to get pregnancy. Furthermore, a breast self-examination glove to help women to prevent the breast cancer and facilitate the self - exploration of their breast in their privacy. The food suplement is an oral rehydration solution that allows children and adults to satisfy their nutritional needs in case of hydroelectrolytic imbalance, as it happens in diarrhoea and vomiting. 
Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2008
Phone00 34 965 56 55 99
CityAlicante, c/ Cardenal Payá nº4 Onil Google map

Food suplement distribution

The company is looking for European enterprises that are dedicated to the distribution of pharmaceuticals products in order to make agency and distribution agreements.
Our food suplement is a dietary food for special medical purposes with an innovative composition made specifically to compensate the loss of fluids and electrolytes that occurs in case of diarrhoea or vomiting.
Characteristics and advantages:
- The product has an innovative presentation as a sachet which makes easier and more convenient its administration. Its ingestion is pleasant and attractive for children thanks to their flavours and the possibility to have it as an ice-cream.
- The product is a low cost solution that can be administered at home without having to go to the hospital.
- The early use of product in the initial phase of the disease prevents dehydration which means fewer hospitalizations, complications and medical expenses.

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Medical device distributor

The company is looking for European enterprises that are dedicated to the distribution of medical devices in order to make agency and distribution agreements.
Our ovulation test use as sample saliva instead of urine making it more practical. The fact that the product can be reusable during three years allows that the samples could be made daily so that the woman has a better knowledge about her menstrual cycle, and with the mobile application she could take photographies of the results and create a graphic of her menstrual cycle so that women could interpretate her cycle.
The breast self-examination glove increases the sense of touch sensibility six more times letting detect even a suggar grain lump or one needle head. This advantage makes it more practical in the prevention of breast cancer because it allows detecting small lumps. In addition it is reusable and it is manufactured with non toxical materials that do not produce allergies. The mobile application allows the women to save the results obtained with the self - exploration, creating her own medical history, in addition of reminding when she must make the next self - exploration.

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