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DescriptionOmixon is a global molecular diagnostics company, empowering clinical labs with technologies to improve patient outcomes by commercializing disruptive innovations specializing in targeted applications for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). The Omixon Holotype HLA™ product combines a targeted HLA Assay and the Omixon HLA Twin™ software to deliver the most accurate high-resolution HLA genotyping available. Omixon maintains an active grant-funded research program and assists scientists and clinicians to analyze the most challenging genomic regions including HLA, KIR and ABO.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size26-50
Founding Year2010
CityBudapest, Fehervari ut 50-52. Google map

Looking for $5M investment in the field of HLA Typing with NGS technology

Omixon's initial target is to dominate the global HLA (human leukocyte antigen) market, including clinical HLA typing, drug-label testing, and post-transplant monitoring. It's a mature global market (~$240m addressible market, 8% CAGR), that is undergoing a technology shift to NGS (new generation sequencing), which offers improved results, higher throughput and lower costs. Our company is the market leader in NGS HLA typing, generating revenue by the sales of HLA testing kits consisting of assay and software, via annual supply agreements providing recurring revenue.

We are looking for growth capital of $5m and we are seeking a partner with molecular diagnostics experience to assist us to scale and explore exit opportunities. Our exit strategy is aquisition by a major player in biotech or pharma.

Keywords: NGSHLA typingHLA typing softwaretransplantationpost-transplant monitoringpost-transplant patient careOmixonbiotechnologybiotechinvestmentgrowth capital
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Scientific Collaboration Partner for cancer patient stratification study

Omixon is looking for partners for disease association study. HLA genes play a role in a range of diseases, Omixon is able to genotype HLA genes based on targeted NGS analysis or based on whole genome, whole exome data.
Omixon is looking for partner for cancer patient stratification study to test a fundamental hypothesis (supported by evidence in the literature) that response to immunotherapy for cancer is associated with HLA types. For this study, we plan to partner with cancer genetic data owners. We shall determine HLA genotypes from whole genome sequencing data and collaborate with the clinical team to determine associations.

Keywords: immunotherapycancer researchHLANGSsequencingOmixondisease associationNGS analysis
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