Marcell Csanádi

Research scientist
Syreon Research Institute

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DescriptionSyreon Research Institute has extensive expertise in health economics, through its experienced staff based both in Europe through the Syreon Research Institute under the direction of Zoltan Kalo MD, PhD and in Vancouver under the direction of Dr. Paul Keown MD, DSc. Both are experts in the field of clinical research and health burden/economic analysis and have published widely in the area. The health economics group is supported by a biostatistical department with significant experience in the analysis of healthcare resource utilization data, as well as data management and is made up of project management teams with a full understanding of the challenges of collecting both prospective and retrospective resource utilization data.
Scientists of Syreon Research Institute are expert in the interface of clinical research and economic evaluation and have published widely in the area. The company has special expertise in developing economic models, and applying those models to substantiate policy decisions.The Institute partners with an elite portfolio of global pharmaceutical corporations, emerging biotechnology companies, public health institutes and academic networks to identify methodological trends and streamline economic evaluation. Our company is also specialized in tailor-made, exercise oriented international trainings in the field of health technology assessment, market access, health economics and strategic pricing. The Institute is maintaining its high reputation by communicating research results in numerous scientific papers, conference appearances, books and reports
Organization Type University, Company
Organization Size11-25
Founding Year2008
CityBudapest, 65/A Mexikói street Google map

Add a long-term prediction tool to your diabetes mobile application

Syreon Research Institute developed a complex long-term health economic model for type 2 diabetes that supports evidence-based decisions related to health care interventions. It has prediction modules for long-term diabetes complications (e.g. foot ulcer, diabetic retinopathy, etc) based on their individual risk factors (e.g. history of complications, changes in physiological parameters over time, diabetes treatment and management strategies).

To provide real-time feedback to diabetic patients on their lifestyle decisions and treatment compliance, our long term prediction tool is proposed to be linked to mobile technologies focusing on improving patient participation, motivation and empowerment in diabetes self-management. Mobile applications with various functions e.g. patient diary, reminders, nutritional advice, etc. are widely available for diabetes care, and we seek for partners who are interested to extend their application to the direction of real-time individual predictions on long-term risk of diabetes complications. The additional effectiveness of this feature on patient compliance and short-term treatment goals is planned to be prospectively evaluated, and the accumulated evidence might be considered as the basis of value proposition on the developed tool to healthcare payers.
Public financing of effective and cost-effective mobile technologies by healthcare payers is a largely unexplored but promising opportunity, requiring pioneering research. The proposed development and evidence collection would allow us to thoroughly assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the co-developed m-health tool. As a further step, we aim to clarify the requirements and conditions which healthcare payers would consider the reimbursement of diabetes patient empowering mobile applications.

Keywords: diabetes self-managemetpatient empowermentdiabetes careeconomic modellinglong term prediction toolmobile applicationsdiabetes application
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Open to H2020 research partnership with health economic and public health expertise

We look for potential partners in Horizon 2020 collaborations where we could contribute to the consortium’s efforts with our expertise in health economics, economic modelling and/or epidemiology.

Scientific collaboration with European universities and research partners is of our ambition. Accumulated experience and track record in research planning, epidemiology, health economics, health policy and public health enabled Syreon Research Institute to lead and contribute to research collaborations and international consortiums. The Department of European Collaborative Research is dedicated to the coordination of ongoing and future EU or other publicly funded research activities, and also to facilitate the establishment of new international collaborations.

Currently the institution is involved in one FP7 and two H2020 projects (namely, EQUIPT, SELFIE, EU-TOPIA) with the responsibility of leading work packages.

Keywords: Horizon 2020EU research projectH2020 CollaborationsEuropean Collaborative ResearchEU research partners
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