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DescriptionFreiburg company with main activity in the auto services invests in the research activity of it's CEO passion for electronics. The company being owned by a professional engineer with doctoral studies in medical electronics is the sponsor of the technology requested for the research activity performed.

The research activity conducted in the therapy of diseases  resulted in biomedical applications.The last 5 years of research in collaboration with medicine and technical universities and oncology institute in Cluj-Napoca led to several scientific articles and a patent. The patent won 2 gold and 2 silver medals at different inventors fairs in Romania in 2013-2015. This patent is an application developed for cancer treatment having the main important result of increasing with 30% the cellular death ratio in carcinoma.

Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2007
CityCluj-Napoca, Str. Drumul Salicii, nr. 8B Google map

Cancer Treatment equipment

The high power radiofrequency generator (up to 3150 V/m), in 5-25 MHz band, was designed for the study of effects of electromagnetic field on tumor cells, with or without nanoparticles (functionalised carbon nanotubes).

The system is 30% more efficient than what exists on the market. The main advantage is that the output parameters can be modified in amplitude, duration and frequency (range 5-25 MHz).

Inside an in front (near field) of a directional antenna we obtain the desired ELM (electromagnetic field), constantly and precisely control of the magnitude of the ELM field inside the VOI (Volume of Interest), due to original measuring point directly from the VOI.

RESULTS: The electromagnetic field applied produces MODIFICATIONS into the APOPTOSIS MECHANISM (programmed death cells) of malignant cells.
The technology is available for demonstration and the IPR status is Romanian patent applied for but no yet granted.

Cooperation with Cancer Research Institutes is sought for testing and implementation of the technology on various types of cancer cells in the framework of technical cooperation. Expected result is to try and develop the system to the specific characteristics and optimum form. Research cooperation is also considered to further development of the technology working closely together on tailored solutions.

Keywords: cancerradio frequencyelectromagneticgeneratortumorAPOPTOSIS MECHANISM
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