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DescriptionThe Prodromus Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) is the only manufacturer of The Prodrobot authomatized gait trainer, a medical robot which can teach to walk and to correct impaired gait of children. We invented, developed and produced fully working device which is dedicated to all rehabilitation facilities all over the World.Let's find our Prodrobot in, in youtube and in  
Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2013
CityKrakow, 30-698, Golkowice 451 Google map

We offer medical robot: Prodrobot automatised gait trainer the active medical device.

Prodrobot automatised gait trainer is the active medical device designed for the rehabilitation of the lower limbs of patients with gait dysfunctions. The Prodrobot is dedicated: for patients suffering from paraplegia, for persons with stroke affecting gait impairment, for people with Parkinson's disease with the slowdown, muscle stiffness and impaired motility disorders of gait and postural, in disorders of gait and posture in polyneuropathies of different reasons (toxic, metabolic, and autoimmune nature as Guillain-Barre syndrome) with muscle weakness of varying severity including a flaccid paralysis, for patients with cerebral palsy, in which movement disorders mainly consist of muscle weakness and spasticity, for patients with muscular diseases such as muscular dystrophy with progressive weakness and atrophy of muscles, to use as a standing frame.
It is small, cost effective and very advanced. The Prodromus can serve to people with a body weight no more than 50kg and a growth no less than approx. 120 and not more than approx. 150 cm (dimensions are determined by the length of a patient's limbs). It is equipped with the seat assistant that simplifies patient placing and fastening (fitting is easy and takes only few minutes) and moves patient to vertical position (all exercised are performer in vertical position). Five exercises are available with adjustable intensity (walk, swings, squats, bicycle, stairs walking), adjusted to the needs of the patient.

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