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Devitall Solutions is a software developing company that delivers online medical management solutions for: Doctors, Clinics, Imagistic and Laboratory facilities, Medical managers, Medical Universities and their students. Our business model is based on the possibilities offered by cloud computing solutions accompanied by our extensive medical market experience, gathered in the last 15 years. Only the cloud can offer the flexibility and financial advantages necessary for fast product development and deployment on foreign markets. The variety of online education and maintenance possibilities mean that, after sales services can be offered regardless of location. These things allow us to enter new markets fast and easy, with a clear financial advantage  against old school, client-server based software applications.

Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2015
CityMures, Craciunesti Google map

Online medical management software

The company offers dynamic and highly personalizable software platform - there are virtually no new functionality request from clients, no additional development costs.
The main characteristics of the platform:
- User friendly, just like social networking websites, they don’t need user manuals.
- There is no need for personal contact to start with a new client - just server side settings, which is far more cost efficient.
- Pay as you go - the client buys what he needs today. New modules are activated thru a new subscription without any download or installation.
- Online webinars and educational videos reduce the otherwise much needed call-center intervention.
- We never install software at the client - there are no installation instructions.
- Instant upgrade possibilities - with one server side upgrade you deployed installation and support free updates for up to 100 clients.
Automatic billing & payment - billing and payment is done easily, just like your phone or cable subscription.
This is just the tip of the iceberg! We can provide many new and interesting details regarding our business model and state of the art web based software solution.

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Portable telemetric devices

We would like to integrate home telemetric appliances in our online cloud-based medical platform that requires mobile sensors and devices for monitoring and personalized interventions for prevention and self-care by improving citizen/healthcare professional interaction and personalized programs for disease management such as heart arythmias, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and other chronic life-threatening diseases.

Keywords: telemetricsensorsmobileapplicationmedicalplatformdisease
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