Peter Rozsa

CEO, senior health economist
MediConcept Ltd.

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday (1:30pm – 6:00pm)
  • Friday (9:00am – 12:00pm)

MediConcept Ltd provides services of health-technology assessments and real-life evidence studies. Over the years, due to the continuous development and innovative nature of our ideas we have grown to become one of the leading consulting companies in Hungary focusing on the health sector.

Through access to valuable real world patient attendance data covering the Hungarian population (medicine, out- and inpatient services as well) our research and data analysis team is capable of evaluating trends and shifts in the health sector in order to deliver key business information or value arguments, tailored to the needs of each individual stakeholder.

We have substantial experience and expertise in a broad spectrum of health-related issues, ranging from guideline and financing protocol development to assisting new pharmaceuticals and medical devices pass the “fourth hurdle” and get into the reimbursement system. We prepare tailor made cost-effectiveness studies, model adaptations and budget impact analysis as well. 

Organization Type Consultant
Organization Size11-25
Founding Year2009
CityBudapest, Lajos street 74-76 Google map

Real life evidence studies & Health Technology Assessments

We have access to the Hungarian National Database of Health Data. More than 10 million patient’s data are stored in the Database.
We can analyze:
- patients characteristics (diagnosis, co-morbidities, demography etc.),
- treatment patterns (drug prescriptions & procedures),
- clinical outcomes/effectiveness,
- economic (costing) outcomes (visits, hospitalization, referrals etc.) and
- safety (dx, not mortality) based on real life evidences.

We also offer services of health technology assessment (e.g: cost-effectiveness modelling, budget impact analysis).

Keywords: real life evidenceeffectivenesscost effectivenessreimbursementclinical outcomespatients characteristicsbusiness developementmarket research
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