Rob Connell

BioSensors Ltd

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday (1:30pm – 6:00pm)
  • Friday (12:00pm – 4:00pm)
DescriptionDevelopers & providers of trans dermal sensors, detecting various bio-chemical markers in blood - completely non-invasively.
Organization Type University, Company
CountryUnited Kingdom
CityLiverpool, iC1 Liverpool Science Park Google map


BioSensors Ltd is a joint venture including Liverpool John Moores University, that is shortly to engage in a clinical evaluation at a local hospital Trust, that will show the capability of our highly innovative sensor technology to read levels of certain bio-chemical markers in a patients blood, and transmit the resulting data to clinicians real time, thereby removing the need to extract blood on a regular basis, reducing trauma and the risk of infection, whilst providing healthcare professionals with a much clearer picture of a patients wellbeing.
Following successful trials we will be looking at some further development to allow for single and re-usable configurations; which will require manufacture and inevitably will require furrther funding.
Also, given the nature of the technology, other healthcare markets worldwide would benefit from this type of technology to provide remote analysis of a persons blood no matter the location, so appropriate channels to those markets is also sought.

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