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DescriptionNanoFlex designs and manufactures high performance electrodes suitable for use in diagnostic and analytical sensors.  Our electrodes are able to push the limits of detection provided by traditional electrochemical technologies by between 100 to 1000 times, thus providing an ultra-sensitive detection platform compatible with existing manufacturing technologies and operate in biological media.
Our focus is on partnership with companies providing measurement solutions in the healthcare and wearable technology sectors.  We provide electrode development and integration services for companies looking for scalable, reproducible, high performance sensors that are designed for volume manufacture.  
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CountryUnited Kingdom
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High performance electrochemical sensors for applications in the healthcare sector

The current increase in development of wearables technology enabling measurement of biological data and point of care and in vitro medical diagnostics has created a need for sensitive, accurate and robust measurement of body chemicals not currently met by existing conventional electrochemical methods.
NanoFlex’s high performance electrodes provide levels of detection, sensitivity and kinetics that are two or three orders of magnitude better than those of conventional electrodes and which can be engineered to match the needs of each application. We can identify the optimal electrode architecture and develop and validate the analytical protocols needed. These electrodes have been demonstrated to work extremely well in biological media.
We work with our clients to develop cost effective bespoke solutions that incorporate our own patented technology into standard electrochemical equipment and are looking to work with companies in the healthcare sector.

Keywords: high performance electrodesbiosensorin vitro diagnosticswearable
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