Nasser Djennati

Managing Director
Bio-Alternative Medical Devices Ltd

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday (1:30pm – 6:00pm)
DescriptionAt Bio-AMD we design and develop Medical devices for Point of Care (PoC) and Over the Counter (OTC) market. Our technologies are based on Lateral Flow and Microfluidics Immunoassay tests associated with magnetic Nano-particles. The technology comprises a digital strip reader (DSR) enabling semi-quantitative measurement from existing chromatography based lateral flow immunoassay tests; a unique blood coagulation system to measure the PT/INR of blood (COAG) and a magnetic immunoassay detection system (MIDS), which is projected to enable full quantitative measurement.
Organization Type Company
CountryUnited Kingdom
CityDaresbury, Cheshire, Draesbury Innovation Centre, Keckwick Lane Google map

Blood Coagulation PT/INR measurement system

Proven Point of Care PT/INR testing device technology – opportunity to out-compete market leader CoaguChekXS in PoC / Self-Test
COAG technology platform applicable to PoC, Self-Test and small footprint Lab machines, whole blood or plasma
Fully developed test strip: Hospital study and lab data