Stella James

Head of Business Development
High Force Research

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DescriptionFounded nearly three decades ago in 1988, High Force Research is proud to remain a truly independent UK business and is wholly owned by its directors. Originally based at the Mountjoy Research Centre on the Durham University campus, High Force Research relocated to its present location in Bowburn on the outskirts of Durham in 1996. We specialise in chemical synthesis and R&D with wide experience of multistep organic synthesis, particularly of heterocyclic chemistry, catalytic hydrogenation, nucleoside and amino acid chemistry, fluorination and chiral chemistry. We offer chemistry built on over twenty five years of experience in developing and scaling up of complex syntheses of molecules for application in a wide range of end uses. HFR provides a confidential, high quality, chemical synthesis and research & development service to the pharmaceutical, biotech, printed electronics and fine chemical industries including: chemical research and development; process development; contract synthesis; scale up; traceable manufacture, GMP manufacture and analysis.
 Our 1,100sqm building at Durham operates 30 fume hoods as well as dedicated walk in facilities for cGMP manufacture and high pressure reactions. Other specialised facilities include laboratories for electrochemistry and a segregated laboratory for handling corrosive materials including aqueous HF. We boast several custom made high pressure reactors, up to 7.5 litre, and operate up to 10 bar. We operate at scales of up to 30L in jacketed glassware at temperatures -40 – 180oC. Separation and purification techniques include semi preparative and preparative chromatography and Tangential Flow Filtration techniques.

Our clients include not only multinationals but also specialist discovery, computational and combinatorial chemistry, virtual, start-up and diagnostics companies from across the UK, Europe and the USA. 
With an entrepreneurial approach to business we are ready to work on a "fee for service" basis or on collaborative research and joint ventures.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size26-50
Founding Year1988
CountryUnited Kingdom
CityDurham, Bowburn North Industrial Estate Google map

Chemistry R&D services including preclinical and small scale GMP manufacture

Chemical R&D, Process Chemistry, Process Optimisation, scale-up, GMP manufacture, Analytical Chemistry, Consultany

Cooperation Offered
  1. Outsourcing co-operation
  2. Manufacturing agreement

Synthetic Fluorescent Retinoids for applications in stem cell chemistries/biology

We have recently designed and synthesised a series of inherently fluorescent synthetic retinoids (PCT patent application  number PCT/GB2015/052956), which are structurally related to natural ATRA, and EC23, which we developed a few years ago as a stable analogue of ATRA (see references below). We would like to make some of these new compounds available to the research community to try out, and hopefully see what sorts of properties and applications such compounds might have in different biological systems. These samples would be supplied for free and on the understanding that any results from using these compounds would be shared with us, and maybe this could act as a basis for future interaction and possible collaboration, or further compound sample supply.

Cooperation Offered
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