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DescriptionSciCurve provides advanced data intelligence for its clients in Biotech, Pharma and public sector (universities, government institutions). We monitor global research, R&D and patent activity for our clients. Our platform of specialized machine learning alert and monitoring systems is processing data on more than 80% of global bio-medical science and corporate patent activity in real time. Our clients identify emerging trends for R&D and relevant patent activity for legal and risk departments. SciCurve engine is also used to search for possible participants in global R&D collaborators. SciCurve helps our clients monitor activity of competition and target talents and professionals for HR purposes. PR departments use the content generated by SciCurve visualization tools in communication with general public.
Organization Type Company
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Monitoring of global patent activity for legal and risk departments.

SciCurve supports your Legal and Risk department with ongoing evaluation of recent patent activity that could endanger or boost current product development.

Keywords: legalrisk evaluationpatenttrendsmonitoring

Monitoring of global R&D activity and research trend recognition.

SciCurve allows your R&D department to monitor emerging trends in research,in real time and extrapolate the development of given research paradigm.

Keywords: R&Dtrendmonitoring

Competition intelligence - real time monitoring of global research and patent activity.

SciCurve platform allows our clients to efficiently monitor global research and patent activity of their competition.

Keywords: patentresearchintelligencecompetition
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  1. License agreement
  2. Technical co-operation
  3. Outsourcing co-operation
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  1. Technical co-operation

Talent targeting and head-hunting

SciCurve identifies the best fitting candidates based on specifications provided by your recruiting team (i.e. the field of expertise, geographical location, level of experience). We will provide your HR with a list of potential targets and rank them according to their relevance.

Keywords: talenthuman resourcesheadhunting

Expertise in mathematical modeling and machine learning applications in Biotech and Pharma.

Our expertise in bioinformatics, mathematical modeling and large distributed systems are enabling us to tackle completes problems on large data sets.

Keywords: machine learningbig datamathematical modelingartificial inteligencedata analytics
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  2. License agreement
  3. Technical co-operation
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