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DescriptionPro-PLUS is an innovative Polish company with comprehensive telemedicine solutions, primarily in the area of cardiology. The company's offer includes three main elements: mobile devices for remote diagnosis and monitoring of patients, telemedical platform that enables the collection of medical data, processing and providing them to the patients and doctors, and medical services both in the model of B2B and B2C.
All our solutions can decrease medical service cost at all levels. We can also assist in improving patient recovery after long-term cardiac treatment thanks to our telerahabilitation device.
The most common use of our flagship product is a long-term monitoring. In the case of patients feeling cardiac problems or having other detectable symptoms the device will allow to record up to 5 minutes of ECG in a memory loop. Next, record is transferred to our IT platform and assessed by doctor.
Second use scenario is when patients don’t feel symptoms of cardiac problems. In that case we provide automatic periodic data transmission to IT platform that enables medical staff to filter ECG records with relevant medical data. This selection can be assisted by series of algorithms and measuring tools that speed up the process and make it more efficient.

Our products can be used for:
- Long-term monitoring for cardiac patients,
- Fast and efficient diagnosis cardiac patients,
- Cardiac rehabilitation,
- Teleconsultations between patient and doctor,
- Enabling the provision of cardiac services by GPs,
- Increasing the availability of specialist doctor in sparsely populated areas,
- Shortening queues.

Our devices can provide also geo-location, so they can be comprehensive solutions for elderly people with Alzheimer or dementia.
Our technology solutions have been used in: Poland, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Romania, Croatia, Macedonia and Sweden. All products have CE certificates. That means they fulfill requirements of the EU regulations concerning quality and safety of medical products. The uniqueness of Pro-PLUS solutions was awarded by the Gold Medal during the International Exhibition of Inventions in Shanghai. Constantly modernized products are manufactured on commercial scale. The simplicity of use and the reliability it finds consumers in Poland and abroad.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size11-25
Founding Year1993
CityWarsaw, Capri Street 2/46 Google map

In our offer we have an extensive range of solutions enabling a doctor to communicate with a patient

Pro-PLUS offer includes:
• Mobile, remote, easy-to-use ECG solutions with additional modules (weighing scale, blood pressure monitor, saturation sensor and glucose meter).
• Web-based Telemedicine Platform which collects medical data and enables B2B and B2C relations.
• Medical Services provided by Monitoring Center.

EHO-MINI. High-quality 6-lead medical ECG tool for diagnosis and continuous monitoring. Suitable for use in outpatient and home diagnosis.
EHO-MINI REHABILITATION. Medical tool for rehabilitation after medical incidents. It is carried out under the control of physicians and under a dictation of the device. Doctor can remotely change the settings.
EHO-12. A modern device for measuring resting 12-lead ECG, dedicated to work in ambulances or as a stationary vital signs monitoring in health care centers. It works with external devices.
Telemedical Platform allows:
- collecting, processing and archiving of medical data.
- support for medical procedures – telediagnosis, cardiac telemonitoring, cardiac telerehabilitation, long-term cardiac monitoring.
- Complex solutions for taking care of a patients by doctors, nurses, medical centers through CardioScp WEB.
- Easy access to medical data for patients and their families through Cardio Patient Web Platform.
- Data exchange between patient and doctor.
- Managing devices.
- Use of Pro-PLUS telemedicine devices enabling patient remote care.

We are requesting for medical companies, medical institutions, commercial representation, universities, proposals for cooperation in the field of R & D.

Keywords: telemedicinecardiac rehabilitationmobile ECG solutionsWeb-based Telemedicine Platform
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  2. Technical co-operation
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