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Metris is a trendsetter and leading manufacturer of advanced systems for animal behavior analysis (in-vivo experiments) that are sold in more than 50 countries around the world.  Our main products are LABORAS, SONOTRACK and SMARTCHAMBER.

 LABORAS is an innovative system that automates behavior scoring and analysis of small laboratory animals. The system tracks the XY-position and simultaneously identifies more than 18 validated stereotypical and normal behaviors in mice and rats.  LABORAS enables pharma companies to reduce lead times of complex preclinical studies with a factor of 10 and provides the management intermediate information about the ongoing preclinical studies  There are over 300 publications about the use of Laboras by several leading researchers, pharmaceutical companies, CRO’s and leading universities from around the world.

 SONOTRACK is an advanced system to record, analyze and playback ultrasound vocalizations. The system is highly valued for research in Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Memory, Learning, Developmental (Neuro) Toxicity and Social Interaction tests. Sonotrack is the best ultrasound vocalization system on the market today because of its full spectrum USV recording (15 kHz to 125 kHz) characteristics, extremely low noise, long duration recording capability and reliable fully-automatic detection of rodent calls.

 SMARTCHAMBER provides a sound isolated, ventilated and light controlled environment to perform high performance ultrasonic vocalization experiments or other experiments requiring an undisturbed environment. The chamber includes a video camera with infrared capability and an interior that effectively removes reverberations, unwanted environmental sounds and magnetic fields. SmartChamber can be seamlessly integrated with our product Sonotrack

In the CIS countries Metris is an exclusive distributor for various well-known companies and sells modular vivariums and a complete range of vivarium and preclinical research equipment. This includes amongst others:  Individual Ventilated Cages (IVC racks), metabolic cages, workstations, washing machines, animal identification systems, Telemetry solutions for wireless measurement of physiology parameters (ECG, EEG, EMG, blood pressure, temperature, etc.), respiratory and inhalation research equipment, data acquisition systems for research and education. 

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Founding Year1999
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CityHoofddorp, Kruisweg 829C, Google map

Innovative solutions, instruments and software for animal behavior research in pre-clinical research

We are looking for partners in Universities or Hospitals with an animal facility. We would like to cooperate with animal facilities or R&D department, (Pre-clinical) Neuroscientists or
(PhD) Researchers in the field of (Osteo) Arthritis

Pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organization’s (That do rodent behaviour studies) are also interesting partners.

Cooperation Offered
  1. Sales / Distribution
  2. Technical co-operation