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DescriptionOcellO is a CRO providing drug screening services for the drug discovery industry.  OcellO tests small molecules and biologics using cultured human tissues derived from cell lines, organoids and patient biopsies. All of OcellO's models operate in a 384 well automated platform, generating robust results with economy of scale. OcellO offers over 150 different tumour models covering different oncology indications and covering a broad spectrum of mutational sub-types.  Maximum information on drug effects on tissues is obtained with 3D high content imaging and analysis using OcellO's propriatary software platform. Unique assays for immune oncology.in vitro screening in tumouroids derived from PDX tumours for direct translation to pre-clinical models with partner CRO's.
Located at the Science Park in Leiden and with a staff of ten scientists, OcellO provides its drug screening services to many of the leading pharmaceutical companies as well as smaller biotech discovery companies in the Netherlands and worldwide.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2011
CityLeiden, Oortweg 21 Google map

Drug screening and profiling in cultured human (3D) tissues

We offer drug screening and profiling services for cancer and other diseases using cultured human (3D) tissues. Our screening platform combines throughput with histology grade automated imaging to discern both therapeutic and off-target/toxic effects in a biologically relevant context. From smaller biotech to big pharma and from large scale screens to profiling of a single lead molecule, our services provide rich information on the effects of your molecules, facilitating decision making

Keywords: drug screeningpharmaceuticalCROcancercystic fibrosispolycystic kidney diseasepatient derived materialorganoidsPDX
Cooperation Offered
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in vitro selection of PDX models for lead testing

- We offer in vitro PDX compound testing using tumour material derived from pre-clinical PDX mouse models.
- Identify the optimum drug - tumour model combination for pre-clinical studies.
- Save time, money and precious compound by testing your compounds in tumours cultured in microwell plates

Keywords: PDXin vitro testingoncologypre-clinical
Cooperation Offered
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Drug discovery collaborations

We seek companies that are developing small molecules and biologics for joint drug discovery collaborations. Partner and OcellO would contribute molecules and drug screening services respectively.

Cooperation Requested
  1. Technical co-operation

Innovative 3D cell culture technologies

We particularly seek cooperation with companies developing hydrogels that may be suitable for 3D cell culture and enable replacement of animal derived hydrogel constituents.
As a CRO specialising in drug screening in 3D cell culture models, we present companies with an ideal opportunity to see their hydrogel technologies tried and tested and commercialised by a leading CRO in the 3D cell culture field.

Keywords: hydrogel3D culture
Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation